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    Endpoints: Real-world progression and its association with OS

    Summary of: Griffith SD, Miksad RA, Calkins G, You P, Lipitz NG, Bourla AB, Williams ER, George DJ, Schrag D, Khozin S, Capra WB, Taylor MD, Abernethy AP. Characterizing the feasibility and performance of real-world tumor progression end points and their association with overall survival in a large advanced non-small cell lung cancer dataset. JCO Clin Cancer Informatics. 2019.

    Our summary

    Flatiron’s follow-up study expands the previous pilot to evaluate real-world progression (rwP) abstraction at scale. This study confirmed relatively high completeness and agreement for the approach used in curating rwP events for an EHR dataset of over 30,000 patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

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    Why this matters

    Novel analytical approaches unlock new research avenues but need to be vetted in order to assess their validity. This study shows that Flatiron’s new approach to extract disease progression information from EHR-derived datasets is feasible, scalable and reliable, enabling analyses of associated endpoints (progression-free survival, time to progression) that yield clinically meaningful results.

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